Who pays for destination wedding

Wedding budgets are always a hot topic at any wedding. Who pays for it? How are you going to divide the costs between the bride, groom, and their families? What type of destination weddings decorations are you going to use? What venue?

We’ll try to give you a helping hand and our opinion on what type of arrangement works best, as we’ve been around the block for a while and saw many weddings happen on our venue and our friends venues. Word goes around in this industry.

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Honeymoon in The Caribbean with one of these 5 Popular Registries

Even a couple of years back, wedding registries used to be all about fancy serving plates and age-old conventional décors. But guess what? We’ve moved much ahead of those traditional styles, and right now, couples can register for anything they want with a simple click! One of the latest additions to the regular wedding registry is the honeymoon registry that can now be booked online. Yes! While initially asking for cash as a wedding gift was indicative of bad etiquette, right now this is way more of an acceptable trend. But how exactly does one come up with their own honeymoon registry? Are there any websites that are offering these registries? Well, in case you’re absolutely clueless, here are a couple of options that’ll definitely help you out.

Traveler’s Joy

As evident from the name, Traveler’s Joy is truly going to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. This is one of the oldest and most popular online honeymoon registry platforms, and over the last couple of years, more than 350,000 honeymooners have vouched by it. Traveler’s Joy makes it incredibly easy for you to add a specific item or experience in your wedding registry. Here, you can always pick your options from airline, hotel, travel groups or any other group which you deem fit. In case you’re absolutely stuck while fixing the destination for your honeymoon, you can also check out the real honeymoon registries from the couples who’ve chartered the globe. Their experiences and details about itineraries are not only informative but equally engaging to read!

Honeymoon Wishes

If you want a direct fund, Honeymoon Wishes is definitely one of the best platforms out there. This platform has a direct collaboration with more than 800 hotels and cruise lines and is also probably the first of its kind that has an option for directly getting the funds transferred to the travel vendors (like cruise lines or hotels). This feature let’s your guests get the feeling of sending a tangible product instead of plain cash. So if you’re looking to make your registry simple and hassle free- Honeymoon Wishes will totally live up to your expectations.


When it comes to honeymoon registries, Zola is definitely one of the best options out there. This is an excellent platform for those couples who are looking for a unique and extensive range of gifts. We are particularly fond of Zola because it offers some of the most highly curated and extensive products across so many new categories. Once you register to this platform, you’re not really stuck with a specific brand, because there are lots of options to choose from. The funds’ section of this platform includes options for both honeymoon and cash gifts. This in turn lets your guests buy a cash fund contribution for your honeymoon which you can later use to purchase more tangible items. Your guests will easily process their payments through the platform, after which you’ll automatically receive a deposit to your bank account. So if you’re looking for something simple and hassle free- this is one platform that will never disappoint you!


Honeyfund is yet another crowdsourcing platform where you can collect some extra cash for your impending honeymoon. And that’s not all! You can also add options for your wedding guests to send you cash for the down-payment of your new home, the dress of the bride/groom, new kitchen/bathroom utility items and so on. Unlike Zola, Honeyfund also has an option where the guests can send in offline gifts to the bride and groom. This saves them from the unnecessary processing fees that they’d otherwise have to shell out.


Wanderable is a site that has almost everything that we love about Zola. And unlike many other platforms, this one is specifically designed for your honeymoon registries. Once you sign up to this website, you’ll have to start out by adding your preferred destination. Right after that, you can either choose from the collections of Wanderable or add your own, customised experiences. This platform does an excellent job in curating actual, attainable experiences that are unique for every new location. Once your guests send in the cash, it’ll either be sent as a mailed check or as a direct deposit to your bank account.

On a final note

So if you’re looking to get everything perfectly planned out for your dream experience, try these awesome honeymoon registries that come with the coolest features. With their excellent options for curating gifts, cash and experiences- these registries are definitely one of the best bids for your wedding!

Spectacular Attractions in Antigua

Shirley Heights in Antigua
The Caribbean Island of Antigua offers a laidback relaxed vacation in a stunning environ, with beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and spectacular natural wonders. It is the perfect place for casual style destination weddings, for honeymooners and for beach lovers who wish to combine their vacation with exploring outstanding spots of natural beauty. It is easy to explore Antigua by taxi or hire car, or by taking a boat trip that includes the chance to snorkel and discover the colorful delights of the coral reefs. Here we take a closer look at some of the most popular scenic sights including Devil’s Bridge, Galley Bay Beach, the Pillars of Hercules, and snorkelling paradises for scuba divers.

Devil's Bridge on Antigua
Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

The natural wonder of Devil’s Bridge is a must see spot, a bridge carved out of a limestone cliff by the Atlantic. The limestone arch was created from the waves crashing into the rocks, demonstrating the natural power of the elements. Set amid the rugged terrain of Antigua’s eastern shore, Devil’s Bridge is always flanked by tempestuous waters. The bridge is to be admired but not crossed, as it is a dangerous slippery spot, but certainly a site of natural beauty, surrounded by natural blowholes, The name was inspired by Antiguan stories of slaves leaping to their deaths into the sea, to escape bondage.

Pillars of Hercules in Antigua
Pillars of Hercules

Pillars of Hercules

Guarding the entrance to the English Harbour, the Pillars of Hercules is a magnificent limestone rock formation, once again demonstrating the force of nature as the pillars were formed from the waves and elements eroding the limestone. The site is most easily reached by boat, an arrival promising a spectacular view. A boat trip to the Pillars can be combined with a snorkelling or scuba diving expedition

Scenic Underwater at Antigua
Scenic Scuba diving at Antigua.

Scenic Underwater Diving

Explore the amazing coral reefs surrounding the Island of Antigua, perhaps taking in an underwater look at one of the many shipwrecks in their watery graves off the island. Snorkelling opens up opportunities to view marine life up close and swim with blue tang, stingrays, batfish, spadefish, jacks and sea turtles. The reef itself is a glorious mix of sea fans, sponges and sea grass, and colorful corals. Popular snorkelling spots include Green Island, Cades Reef, Paradise Reef, Long Bay and Half Moon Bay.

Galley Bay Beach
Galley Bay Beach

Galley Bay Beach

Boasting 365 beaches, Antigua has a beach for every day of the year. All of the island’s beaches are public but some are more accessible than others. Galley Bay beach is considered to be one of the best on the island, with white sands and iridescent turquoise waters. It has particular appeal to nature fans as the beach is a natural habitat for sea turtles to leave their eggs. Relax in the shade of a palm tree and drink in the romance of the setting.

Couples tying the knot can consider marrying on the pristine white sand, with a wedding package arranged by the Galley Bay Resort. Set in lush Caribbean gardens this luxury boutique resort promises a stress free wedding in a spectacular setting.

Getting married at Galley Bay Resort
Getting married at Galley Bay Resort

Let’s visit Martinique!

Let's visit Martinique!

A continuation of our trip to the Caribbean, this piece of French paradise in the heart of the Caribbean!

Let’s go to Martinique!  The last time we went to the Caribbean in Guadeloupe more precisely. We have made you discover the many facets of the island, its activities, its natural resources, its wild beauty. We have tried to explain why the archipelago is so much appreciated. [Read the article on the Caribbean: Guadeloupe]

Today we continue our journey through Martinique and share the wonders of the second largest island of the West Indies.

Martinique is the island of Flowers

Its nickname “Island of Flowers” reflects well the diversity of its landscapes and its many species that proliferate throughout the island.

Located 7000 km from our coast, Martinique is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean which carves a wild coast, very spectacular rock and to the West by the Caribbean Sea which runs along a succession of coves and beaches Of heavenly sand.

From North to South, the island is also very different. In the North the mountainous terrain and the lush vegetation, the Pelee Mountain and several pitons are near the 1400 meters of altitude, the beaches are volcanic and in the earth one plunges in the heart of a tropical forest and banana plantations. In the south the landscapes are more arid and made up of hills which can reach 500 meters of altitude, the beaches are superb with clear waters and white sand.

Let's visit Martinique!

What is there to discover in Martinique?

Martinique is of course its wide variety of landscapes, its white sandy beaches and coconut trees, its mountains to the north and their luxuriant vegetation; But Martinique is also an atmosphere, a rich and diversified culture, a biodiversity in terms of terrestrial and aquatic fauna and flora.

To better understand its diversity, we will divide it into three territories:

The Great South

To enjoy the sea, the beach, the diving and the nautical recreation it is in the Great South that one must go. At the Trois Ilets active seaside resort, at the Diamant which owes its name to the rock which sets itself offshore, in Saint Luce, Which make it a true postcard landscape, or at the marina, where most cruise catamarans leave. In the great South you find the Atlantic coast with its Ilets and its white bottoms.

The Northwest

The coast offers exceptional views and must-see sites. There are many walks like the ascent to Mount Pelée where the panoramic view is exceptional in clear weather, or even coastal hikes from coves in handles, discovering the forest and its many species of birds. Saint Peter the former capital, is called Little Paris of the West Indies.  The city was completely destroyed in 1902 during the eruption of Mountain Pelee.

The Northeast

The Atlantic coast, the wild and carved coastline, bordered by black sandy beaches and high cliffs that provide magnificent views of the rough ocean. This part of the island contains interesting sites such as the pre-Columbian archaeological site in Lorrain. Or the peninsula of the Caravelle where several paths allow to discover this advance of earth in the ocean.

A truly varied fauna and flora?

In Martinique there are more than 200 species of birds, including 1 endemic and 4 globally threatened. They are generally seen in dry or wet forests, but also at the seaside and during walks in the Mangrove.

Martinique is well named as the island of flowers, it is a true paradise of lovers of nature, plants and flowers. You can observe them during walks in their natural environment or during visits of botanical gardens like that of Balata or even of the Umbrages.

As for the underwater life, experienced diver or simply equipped with mask and snorkel, the exuberant life of the bottoms of the Caribbean Sea awaits you!

A Delicious Vacation As Well

Let the Epicureans reassure themselves; in Martinique we regale!

The Creole cuisine of the Caribbean is tasty, fragrant, rich, inventive. Everyone knows at least one of the famous accolades of cod, for example, or the colombo of chicken, prawns. Mainly based on seafood, Caribbean dishes have the common feature of often macerating meat and fish in a seasoning (often based on Caribbean peppers) to improve the taste.

In Martinique there is an impressive variety of fruits and vegetables, some very well-known like mango, papaya, sweet potato, avocado, others somewhat less like the apple cinnamon, fruit of the sulphur Of the citrus family with a pink pulp, the combo that is mixed in salad, breadfruit, fruit rich in use: gratin, puree, donut, fried … and many Other than we can list so many there are!

Spices and herbs are not to be outdone, since Creole cooking is born from a crossbreeding of different cultures. Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, colombo, nutmeg, Indian wood and many others flavor delicious dishes.

Let's visit Martinique!