Honeymoon in The Caribbean with one of these 5 Popular Registries

Even a couple of years back, wedding registries used to be all about fancy serving plates and age-old conventional décors. But guess what? We’ve moved much ahead of those traditional styles, and right now, couples can register for anything they want with a simple click! One of the latest additions to the regular wedding registry is the honeymoon registry that can now be booked online. Yes! While initially asking for cash as a wedding gift was indicative of bad etiquette, right now this is way more of an acceptable trend. But how exactly does one come up with their own honeymoon registry? Are there any websites that are offering these registries? Well, in case you’re absolutely clueless, here are a couple of options that’ll definitely help you out.

Traveler’s Joy

As evident from the name, Traveler’s Joy is truly going to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. This is one of the oldest and most popular online honeymoon registry platforms, and over the last couple of years, more than 350,000 honeymooners have vouched by it. Traveler’s Joy makes it incredibly easy for you to add a specific item or experience in your wedding registry. Here, you can always pick your options from airline, hotel, travel groups or any other group which you deem fit. In case you’re absolutely stuck while fixing the destination for your honeymoon, you can also check out the real honeymoon registries from the couples who’ve chartered the globe. Their experiences and details about itineraries are not only informative but equally engaging to read!

Honeymoon Wishes

If you want a direct fund, Honeymoon Wishes is definitely one of the best platforms out there. This platform has a direct collaboration with more than 800 hotels and cruise lines and is also probably the first of its kind that has an option for directly getting the funds transferred to the travel vendors (like cruise lines or hotels). This feature let’s your guests get the feeling of sending a tangible product instead of plain cash. So if you’re looking to make your registry simple and hassle free- Honeymoon Wishes will totally live up to your expectations.


When it comes to honeymoon registries, Zola is definitely one of the best options out there. This is an excellent platform for those couples who are looking for a unique and extensive range of gifts. We are particularly fond of Zola because it offers some of the most highly curated and extensive products across so many new categories. Once you register to this platform, you’re not really stuck with a specific brand, because there are lots of options to choose from. The funds’ section of this platform includes options for both honeymoon and cash gifts. This in turn lets your guests buy a cash fund contribution for your honeymoon which you can later use to purchase more tangible items. Your guests will easily process their payments through the platform, after which you’ll automatically receive a deposit to your bank account. So if you’re looking for something simple and hassle free- this is one platform that will never disappoint you!


Honeyfund is yet another crowdsourcing platform where you can collect some extra cash for your impending honeymoon. And that’s not all! You can also add options for your wedding guests to send you cash for the down-payment of your new home, the dress of the bride/groom, new kitchen/bathroom utility items and so on. Unlike Zola, Honeyfund also has an option where the guests can send in offline gifts to the bride and groom. This saves them from the unnecessary processing fees that they’d otherwise have to shell out.


Wanderable is a site that has almost everything that we love about Zola. And unlike many other platforms, this one is specifically designed for your honeymoon registries. Once you sign up to this website, you’ll have to start out by adding your preferred destination. Right after that, you can either choose from the collections of Wanderable or add your own, customised experiences. This platform does an excellent job in curating actual, attainable experiences that are unique for every new location. Once your guests send in the cash, it’ll either be sent as a mailed check or as a direct deposit to your bank account.

On a final note

So if you’re looking to get everything perfectly planned out for your dream experience, try these awesome honeymoon registries that come with the coolest features. With their excellent options for curating gifts, cash and experiences- these registries are definitely one of the best bids for your wedding!